The Best Minimalist Bathroom Decor

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Having minimalist bathroom decor is a great way to keep your space looking modern and clean. It’s typically easy to find decor that fits into a minimalist design and you never have to worry about it going out of style.

Shower Curtains

Let’s start with a decor piece that takes up the most visual space, shower curtains. When searching for minimalist bathroom decor, you want to focus on finding neutral colors and simple patterns for your shower curtains.

Waffle Textured Ivory Shower Curtain

Stripe Tassel Grey Shower Curtain

Chenille Textured Striped Shower Curtain

Grey & White Herringbone Shower Curtain

Bath Rugs

Bathroom rugs are the next largest piece of decor that stands out in a bathroom. Again, it’s best to stick with neutral colors and simple patterns to stay within the minimalist style.

Striped Chenille Set of 2 Bathroom Rugs

Ultra Soft Water Absorbent Bath Mat

3 Piece Chenille Bathroom Rug Set

Plush Microfiber Bath Rug

Set of 2 Cotton Banded Bath Mats

Set of 3 Chenille Striped Bathroom Rugs

Countertop Decor

Countertop decor will depend on how much countertop space you have. Below you will find a few minimalist bathroom decor items that are common for bathroom countertops. Some other items will be fun, miscellaneous decor that will hopefully give you some ideas for your own bathroom!

Tissue Box Covers

Tissue boxes can come in very bright and eccentric designs. Let’s cover that up with a simple tissue box cover that adds a minimalist design to your bathroom!

Square Modern Leather Tissue Box Cover

Leather Braided Tissue Box, Foldable

Rectangle Leather Tissue Box Cover

Rectangle Bamboo Tissue Box Cover

Square Linen Tissue Box Cover

Black Acrylic Tissue Box Cover


Plants are great way to add a little natural color in a room. They will make your bathroom feel fresh and clean.

Soap Dispenser

Of course, you are going to need soap! So, why not take a bathroom necessity and make it not only functional but decorative.

White & Matte Black Pump Soap Dispenser

Black Vertical Stripe Soap Dispener with Coaster

Bamboo Hand Soap Dispenser

Amber Soap Dispenser, Waterproof Labels

Bathroom Soap Dispenser Set with Q-tip Holder

2 Pack, Clear Jar Soap Dispensers with Gold Pump

Q-tip/Cotton Ball Holders

Q-tip and cotton ball holders are not a must-have. However, they are a cute addition if you have the countertop space!


Your bathroom is probably an area in your home that you want to smell nice, right? A good candle can do just that for you while also adding style.

Moroccan Amber Candle

Chesapeake Bay Candle

Capri Blue Petite Volcano Candle

2 Pieces, Twist & Arch Shaped Candle

That’s a Wrap

To stay within the minimalist style, the key is, “less is more.” You don’t need much to make your bathroom look nice and stylish.

You can find minimalist bathroom decor at any store that sells home decor. In this post, I shared with you minimalist shower curtains and bathroom rugs. Then, I included decor for bathroom countertops such as, plants, candles, and cotton ball holders.

I hope this post gave you inspiration for your bathroom and that you found it helpful! If you enjoyed this post, check out the 5 Best Bathroom Cleaning Products next!

Always, Morgan

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