The Best Bridal Shower Game Prizes

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Trying to think of bridal shower game prizes can be difficult. Especially since you have no idea who exactly you are shopping for. Many people look forward to playing the fun games and finding out what the prizes will be, which puts a little pressure on the bride or person throwing the shower.

At your bridal shower there will most likely be women of all different ages, tastes and styles. Keeping the gifts neutral and simple will make it easier for you. While also satisfying your game winners.

The bridal shower game prizes will also depend on your budget. Keep in mind this is not something you have to go above and beyond for.

You know your guests best and they will be happy going home with anything. If you’re feeling stuck on what to get, there are some great ideas below that anyone will love.

Best Bridal Shower Game Prizes

  1. Candle
  2. Self-care products
  3. Coffee mug/set
  4. Wine glass set
  5. Bottle of wine
  6. Gift card
  7. Makeup bag
  8. Travel bag/tote
  9. Charcuterie/cheese board
  10. Travel water bottle/can cooler
  11. Coaster set
  12. Gift basket/goody bag

Candles/Home Fragrance

Candles are such an easy and simple gift that you can’t go wrong with. Not everyone loves heavy or strong scents, so going for something a bit lighter and clean is always a win.

Self-Care Products

Self-care products are a great bridal shower game prize idea. You can find products that anyone can use!

This Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask is a hot commodity right now. It leaves your lips so hydrated the next morning. It would make the perfect gift!

Laneige lip mask is very popular and would make a great addition to a gift basket for a bridal shower game prize idea.
Face roller set for a unique bridal shower game prize.
scalp and body scrub

Coffee Mug Set

These neutral toned coffee mugs are a classic and timeless addition to anyone’s kitchen. They would make a great gift for your bridal shower guests!

Wine Glass Set

Who doesn’t love wine or a fancy wine glass set?! These wine glasses would pair great with a bottle of wine and make the perfect gift!

Square wine glass set for the perfect bridal shower game prize!

Makeup Bag

Makeup bags are always useful. There are many sizes and colors. You can definitely find one that anyone would love and I am sure it would be a huge hit!

Travel Bags/Totes

Totes and travel bags are always a necessity. And it never hurts to have more than one. This would make such a great bridal shower game prize!

Charcuterie/Cheese Board

Charcuterie boards are very popular right now! The one below, on the left, has a hidden drawer to store the cheese knives and fork! The perfect idea for a bridal shower game prize!

Travel Water Bottle/Can Cooler

A travel water bottle is a super simple gift idea. One of these would be a great addition to a gift basket or could be the perfect prize on it’s own!

Coaster Set

Coaster sets are great gift ideas. They are used often and are not necessarily something that needs to match the decor of people’s homes.

I won an Anthropologie coaster set at a bridal shower a couple years before owning a home. I was so excited when I got to add them to my new home just last year. This set below from Anthropologie is simple and modern, it would make an excellent prize!

A white marble coaster set would be a great option to give as a bridal shower game prize.

Easiest Bridal Shower Game Prizes

There are a couple super easy bridal shower game prizes that don’t require as much thought as purchasing specific gifts.

First, we have gift cards. Gift cards are hands down probably the easiest item you could give as a game prize. And I don’t believe anyone would ever be disappointed about winning a gift card. Some great places would be Amazon, Target, Walmart or a popular local restaurant in your area.

A second easy gift would be to repurpose your centerpieces if possible. If you plan to use real flower centerpieces at your shower, you can give those away as prizes.

A friend of mine had orchids as the table centerpieces at her bridal shower. They ending up using the orchids as the game prizes. It was so simple and cost effective.

The last easy gift idea is a bottle of wine. This is a know your crowd type of gift. It can definitely be a fun prize. Especially paired with a wine glass set!

Gift Basket/Goody Bag

Gift baskets or goody bags that hold a few smaller items are another great idea for bridal shower game prizes.

Creating multiple gift baskets that have the same or similar items can be a lot easier for you. Or you can put completely different items in each basket. It’s totally up to you!

It may sound like more work. However, finding a few small items can be less stressful than finding one perfect gift.

Gift Basket/Goody Bag Ideas

Self-Care Items:

  1. Mini candle
  2. Travel size lotion or perfume
  3. Hand sanitizer
  4. Face roller
  5. Face/mud masks
  6. Under eye patches
  7. Hair ties/scrunchies
  8. Claw clips
  9. Body scrub
  10. Mini mascara
  11. Lip gloss/stick
  12. Eye cream

Food Items:

  1. Nuts
  2. Specialty olive oil
  3. Chocolates
  4. Pretzels
  5. Yogurt covered pretzels
  6. Chocolate covered almonds or raisins
  7. Crackers
  8. Spices assortment
  9. Dried fruit
  10. Add a small cheese board or cheese utensil set

Home Goods Items:

  1. Small throw blanket
  2. Cooking spoons/spatulas
  3. Small cheese board
  4. Dish/tea towels
  5. Oven mitts
  6. Trivet
  7. Small decorative plant
  8. Candle
  9. Coffee mug

Bridal Shower Game Prizes Conclusion

It can be difficult trying to come up with the perfect bridal shower game prizes. I hope these ideas helped you in finding the best prizes for your guests at your bridal shower.

Some of the items we discussed were: Candles, a face roller set, a tote bag, travel water bottles, travel tote bags and easy ideas like gift cards.

I hope you enjoyed this post about bridal shower game prizes. Your game winners will love anything you get them!

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