Plan an Amazing Bachelorette Weekend in San Diego

This past weekend was my bachelorette trip to San Diego and I had a BLAST! If you want to plan an amazing bachelorette weekend in San Diego, this is for you!

I am going to give you all the details on where we stayed, restaurants and shops we visited and a super fun daytime activity my friends and I loved!!

San Diego Bachelorette Weekend Itinerary

Friday Night Fun

We flew into San Diego Friday afternoon and took a quick Uber to our Airbnb located in Point Loma Heights. This is a great area for those who are flying because it is so close to the airport. It is also a short drive to popular areas such as, Liberty Station, Mission Beach, Downtown San Diego, Gaslamp and Little Italy.

Friday night we went to dinner at Lavo, an Italian restaurant located in Gaslamp. The restaurant was absolutely beautiful and had a high class vibe. The drinks were delicious, however we felt like the food could use improvement, especially for the price.

I ordered the “Penne Alla Vodka.” It was good, but for $29 and the elegance of the restaurant, I expected better. We also ordered the “Fresh Mozarella Sticks” for the table. There was six of us and when we went to order them the waitress let us know it only comes with three… three mozarella sticks for $15. Therefore, we had to ask for two orders. They had Prosciutto stuffed inside them and again, just not as tasty as you’d expect. If they were the most delicious mozarella sticks I’ve ever had in my life, than I can fathom spending that much on only three of them. But sadly they weren’t.

This was just my experience and I would definitely like to go back to this restaurant and try some of their other food options. If your goal is to be wowed and want the most bang for your buck, I would look at other options is all I will say.

After Lavo, we walked down the street to The Nolen, which is a rooftop bar. The views were stunning! The drinks were very good and the price is exactly what you would expect. It didn’t seem too fancy or too casual. It was the perfect “night out” place to go with a group of friends!

Bridesmaids at bachelorette sitting at rooftop bar
Drinks at The Nolen

Saturday Social

Saturday morning we took an Uber up to La Jolla. We stopped for breakfast at The Cottage. It was SO GOOD! I ordered a Mimosa and the Brioche French Toast. Probably the best french toast I’ve ever had, and I am not exaggerating.

After breakfast, we took another Uber up to Encinitas. In Encinitas we went to Candles on Tap where you get to make your own candle! This was the daytime activity I chose for us to do and it was such a fun experience!

Candle making oils
Candles on Tap wall with all their candles
Sitting in a chair swing in front of a sign that says "Stay Cozy, San Diego"

You smell all the different scents they have and you end up choosing your favorite four to combine in your candle. They walk you through every step and help you along the way. The customer service was amazing and the employees were so sweet!

After adding the scent of your candle to the wax, the candles have to set for an hour and a half. We decided to check out some shops in Encinitas and stop for coffee at Better Buzz Coffee, while we waited for our candles to be ready.

Better Buzz Coffee is based in San Diego and southern California, so if you have the opportunity to grab a coffee from there I highly recommend!

Better Buzz Coffee iced coffee in front of Encinitas sign
Better Buzz Coffee

We found a couple really cute stores and also came across the Moonlight Marketplace. It looked like a little flea market where a bunch of different people had booths selling their own products. I found myself a Led Zeppelin t-shirt and my sister-in-law bought a small succulent. They also had jewlery and crystals. So many different things, it was really neat!

After we picked up our candles, we headed over to a Mexican restaurant called Pina, for some drinks and appetizers. It was very delicious! The waiter was so nice and brought us a round of Tequila shots for free. They were bomb. We ate chips with salsa and guac, and one of the girls ordered shrimp ceviche, which she said was super good. Highly recommend this place if you’re ever in Encinitas!

Saturday Night

After Encinitas, we went back to our Airbnb to get ready for dinner. We went to dinner at The Presley, which is located in Liberty Station. The food and drinks there were amazing! It is an all outdoor restaurant. I was a little worried at first because the weather was pretty chilly, but they have a bunch of heaters around so we were not cold at all. The whole vibe and scenery of the restaurant is super trendy and cute! Highly recommend this place!

Next, we headed over to Wolfie’s Carousel Bar. SO DANG CUTE! There is a huge carousel bar in the middle of the room that very slowly spins around. We sat against the wall in a booth inside of a carousel looking cage that had a horse hanging from above. It was a really cool experience!

I will say, none of us liked their specialty cocktails. They have a full bar, so if I could go back I would just order a basic drink from the bar instead of a fancy cocktail from their menu. They were just overly sweet, but great for pictures if that’s what you’re into! We also ordered dessert. A couple of us ordered the gelato which was very delicious!

Girls at Wolfie's Carousel Bar sitting in booth
Wolfie’s Carousel Bar

Sunday Funday

Sunday morning we packed up all our stuff and got ready to go home. Before catching our flight home we stopped for breakfast at Breakfast Republic in Liberty Station. It was so yummy!! I ordered the California Burrito and it was fantastic. The first Uber driver we had on Friday recommended this place to us and we were so glad we checked it out. It was packed!

To kill some extra time we had before going to the airport, we popped into a little store right across from Breakfast Republic, called Pigment. It was very cute and trendy! They had home decor, clothing, accessories, succulents and so much more!

Section of a store called "Pigment," showing hats, bags, pots, candles and t-shirts.
Shopping at Pigment

That’s a Wrap

We had such an incredible time in San Diego. If you are looking for a place in California to host your bachelorette or someone else’s, I highly recommend spending your bachelorette weekend in San Diego! There is SO much you can do there, amazing restaurants and bars, and the weather is pretty much always nice.

Friday night we went to dinner at Lavo and got drinks at The Nolen rooftop bar afterwards. Saturday we had breakfast in La Jolla at The Cottage. Then, we drove up to Encinitas for candle making at Candles on Tap. We shopped around and got coffee at Better Buzz Coffee while we waited for our candles to cool. After we picked up our candles we went to Pina for delicious appetizers and drinks.

Saturday night we went to The Presley for dinner, which was amazing! After The Presley, we went and grabbed drinks and dessert at Wolfie’s Carousel Bar. Then, on Sunday morning we grabbed breakfast at Breakfast Republic and did some shopping at the store Pigment.

Overall, it was a wonderful weekend. I couldn’t ask for a better bachelorette weekend in San Diego!

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Always, Morgan

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