Awesome Groomsmen Gift Ideas They Will Love

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A crucial part of planning your wedding is choosing who is going to stand beside you on the big day. Choosing your bridal party members usually comes with giving them a gift when you ask them to be a part of your special day. And/or a gift on the actual wedding day.

There are no rules that say you HAVE to give them a gift. However, it’s a great way to show them your appreciation for being someone you want to have in your wedding. And thank ing them for taking the time to be a part of all the wedding festivities.


First on the list of awesome groomsmen gift ideas are, socks. Socks make for great gifts because they are something your groomsmen can continue to use after your wedding day. And, they make for fun groomsmen pictures if you decide to get funny or matching socks.

My husband gifted our groomsmen socks and they absolutely loved them. We got them each socks that represented something about them or a hobby they enjoyed.

Cufflinks & Tie Bars

Cufflinks and tie bars are also a great groomsmen gift idea for them to wear on the wedding day! They can also use this gift for any future events they dress up for!

Shot Glasses & Flasks

Shot glasses and flasks are great gift ideas if you have some party people in your group! Custom shot glasses and flasks are always a hit and make for a fun time while getting ready.

Whiskey Glasses & Beer Mugs

Not everyone enjoys taking shots or carrying around a flask. Whiskey glasses and beer mugs are perfect for those who want to sip on their drinks and if they want to drink something other than alcohol!

Travel Cups & Water Jugs

Another gift my husband bought his groomsmen was the Yeti Rambler 10oz mug that I’ve linked below. His groomsmen really liked it. I believe it was because they were different than the usual Yeti tumbler!

Miscellaneous Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Lastly, these are gift ideas that don’t fit into a specific category. They are all functional and very useful gifts that any person would love!! My husband bought his groomsmen cooler totes like the one below and it worked perfectly to stuff other gift items in it!

Collapsible 24 can Cooler Tote

Engraved Pocket Knife, Multi-Tool

Custom Wallet/Money Clip

Set of 8 – Bottle Opener, Corkscrew

Custom Key Chain Bottle Opener

Sunglasses set

Groomsmen Koozies

Insulated Stainless Steel Can Cooler

That’s a Wrap

I hope you enjoyed this post! There are many awesome gift ideas out there, so it can be difficult sometimes to find the perfect gift. Nevertheless, I hope this helped to narrow down some groomsmen gift ideas for you.

Gifts that can be used more than once are the best way to go because then you don’t feel like you’re wasting money. And your bridal party won’t feel like they were gifted something cheap.

Additionally, a bottle of alcohol or cigars is an easy addition to your groomsmen gifts. This completely depends on your group, however it’s a simple gift idea that many people enjoy!

At the end of the day you know what your groomsmen will enjoy the most. No matter what they will be grateful for whatever you get them so don’t stress about it!

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Always, Morgan

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